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Florian Kitt

freccia2 Florian Kitt

Austrian cellist, completed his studies with Gaspar Cassadó in Cologne and André Navarra in Detmold after graduating from the Vienna Musikakademie as a pupil of Frieda Litschauer. Following his debut at the Kon- zerthaus in Vienna 1964 he has appeared as soloist with many leading orchestras and con- ductors, given cello recitals and made nume- rous recordings. These engagements took him to most of the European countries, North- and South-America, the Near East and Australia. Most successful were always his performan- ces of more recent works – György Ligeti's cello-concerto at the Royal Festival Hall in London with the Philharmonia Orchestra under Diego Masson brought raving acclaim by press and the public, Luciano Berio's concerto "Ri- torno degli Snovidenia" in Rome, Nigel Osbor- ne's concertos, both dedicated to Florian Kitt were successful all over the world.
Florian Kitt is also a very devoted teacher, apart from various masterclasses he holds a professorship at the University for Music in Graz since 1970. In addition to his extensive repertoire of established classic and romantic works, his especial feeling for contemporary music has inspired many major composers to dedicate works to him.

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