Luci della Ribalta International MasterclassFilm Fest

Narni 11-28 AUGUST 2017

Application forms must be received by July 18, 2017.

By filling out the form, you accept in full the provisions of this REGULATIONS and it agrees to send all the documentation required in section 5.

Recall that underage students together to fill out this form should download this AUTHORIZATION FORM , do complete and sign from its parent and send it along with other documents required in clause 5 REGULATION.

Fields marked with (*) are required.
The undersigned declares that he/she has read and accepts without reserve the relevant regulations and undertakes to provide all documents required at point 5 of the same, and asks to subscribe as ordinary member to Associazione Mozart Italia Sede di Terni and be accepted as student in 7th International Masterclasses Narni 11/28 August 2017.
The undersigned authorizes photos, audio and video recordings, throughout the period of courses, both during concerts and in all other occasions that the Management wishes to film. In this regard expressly waives any right or claim in relation to the possible commercial exploitation and circulation of such records.
The undersigned declares to have read the privacy policy (written below this form) on data handling and authorize the use of his personal data for the purpose listed in the same.
PRIVACY POLICY for personal data handling.

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